If your home or property building has experienced siding damage and it has gone unrepaired, it could progress to a serious moisture issue. The most common moisture issues are: rot, mold & mildew. If the siding is damaged, it can allow moister to penetrate the barriers. With moisture behind the siding, it can cause the frame of the home to start rotting and deteriorating. Rotting wood and moisture can lead to mold growth. The problems may not become evident for several years, at which time it will not be covered by your home owners insurance. Mold mitigation can be expensive, time consuming, and emotionally & physically draining.

We've dealt with poorly sealed siding, which can in just three short years completely rot out the 2x4's which comprise the exterior frame of a house. Finally, the eye sore resulting from dented siding, can decrease the re-sale value of your home.

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